Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Women Living Well Blog: What Sundays Were Like In the 1950's

This morning as I'm sitting behind my desk there are LOTS of things on my mind.  They range anywhere from man it's gonna rain to my wonderful hubby to how much fun we had this weekend & last night to getting back to the basics in my life.  And as I'm reading over some of my FAV blogs I see this entry.  Courtney has hit the nail on the head.  Now  I am SOOOOOO with her....don't really want to go back and live in the 1950's but I truly think if we started applying some of the principles & way of life that they did in the 50's our culture & personally lives would be so much different.  So that's my goal for the next 2 weeks......IF I can continually strive to live like this & pattern my life after the 1950's woman I can make a difference in my home, in my personal life & in my attitude. 

Hope you enjoy!!!!

Women Living Well Blog: What Sundays Were Like In the 1950's: "On the Rachael Ray Show I was dubbed a '1950's Wife'. But my grandmother (pictured above), a mother of 4 (one baby is not born yet in this ..."

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