Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LOVE me some Mums

We had a few minutes of extra time on Sunday so we ran by the Biltmore House to check out the mums!!  I LOVE mums!!  They mean fall!!  They mean leaves are falling & there is a crisp in the air!!! 
                      One of my FAVORITE times of the year!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sanding away!!!!

So I'm starting this weekend on refinishing a rocking chair that is on our front porch.  It's been left out in the weather to long.  It's got that grayish yucky look to it!!!  You know that look of I really don't want to sit in this chair!!!

So today Hosser & I are going to be sanding down the chair!  Getting rid of the yuckiness!! 

And as I read an email I sent someone about a year ago.....I guess I saved it so I could remember a few things!!!  I was reminded of how God sands away the yuckiness in our lives!!!  How little by little HE takes the roughness away in our lives & leaves a glorious finish that makes us much more desirable & much more beautiful like HE is!!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


While on vacation this last week I might have possibly had my head under the water on a few things......

1) I really can get lots more done with no Facebook to take up most of my time!

2) It's REALLY chilly in October when you have no heat due to a downed tree & are camping inside your house!!!

3) Soup warmed up on the grill tastes really good!!!

4) I really didn't miss my job and wish I could inherit millions so I wouldn't have to work but I'm not sure from who to inherit the millions from!!

5) Paula Deen's resturant has pretty good food......but the little cafe that is in the same hotel has WAY BETTER FOOD!!! 

6) Said cafe has to die for caramel apples!!  And yes I'd drive 2 hours again to get another caramel apple!!!

7) There is a reason that DH & I have different days off.....and that's so we can enjoy our together days more!!  And trust me they don't happen very often!!

8) Hoss got spoiled during vacation!!!!

9) Hoss got spoiled during vacation!!!!

10) A Saturday with no cable because of above downed tree means no college football.......and that could drive 2 sports fans INSANE!!!!

11) The Wii is just no substitue for no college football!!!

12) I ate WAY TO MUCH on vacation!!!  Gotta go back on my diet!!!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We have this wonderful litte visitor in our neighborhood!!   Well it's not actually this one but he looks like this!!!  He drives me CRAZY!!!  He has been here for the past month or so!!  I've seen him twice, DH finally got to see him last night as he ran across the road in front of us!!

Fun thing about having a fox in the can't walk Hosser as well as you used to!!  So I get pack him up everynight & drive him downtown to walk for about 45 minutes to an hour!!  Cuz who would want to walk with a fox on the loose?  Ohhhh and I forgot...a fox on the loose who had one of its buddies hit by a car & died (so sorry!!) then sent off to be tested & found to have rabies!!!

So needless to say....Hosser & I are much much more careful when we are outside!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

It's time.....

It's almost the end of our vacation!!!!  It started out wonderful!!  A great day with my wonderful DH!!! Then it kinda went all to pot!!!!  After DH got 2 wisdom teeth pulled along with a biopsy done on his mouth on Friday, we came home to a tree down in the yard!!!

And the wonderful said tree left us with no power, no phone & no cable on Friday night!!!!  Luckily we had 2 heros that came out Saturday am & fixxed the power for us!!  NO was 3 heros!!!  Which was a blessing cuz I needed to finish baking for the open house at the Fire Department on Sunday!!!  The cable guy came out on Saturday afternoon & DH got his cable finally!!  And then Sunday am the phone guy came out!!! 

But a funny thing occured after a CRAZY week prior to vacation.......I spent 4 days without internet, without Facebook & without the drama of family that is supposed to love people in Hoss's World!!!  Today is the first day I've gotten online in 4 days & low & behold I pull up a lovely picture on Facebook that got my blood pressue boiling!!!  I've been kicking around the idea of getting rid of Facebook for many reasons.......and I think this picture is the thing that the good Lord put in front of me to say forget it!!  It's not worth it!!!  How am I supposed to be a better wife, a better Christian, a better mommy to Hoss if I'm on Facebook concerned about people who really don't give a flying flip about me!!!

So it's time!!  Time to say goodbye to things that drag me down!  Time to say goodbye to people who don't care about me!!  Time to goodbye to the negative in my life!!

Time to say hello to a new me!!  A me that is trying to become a better person!!  A me that is more concerned about my family that is here!  A me that is more concerned about growing closer to a Father that will never leave me and has always stood beside!  Even when I forget He is there!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Things are changing around Hoss's World........

Fall is upon us & we are super duper excited around here!!! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tooooooo Chilly!!!

Here is Hoss when I asked if he wanted to go outside with me to get some wood to start a fire this morning..................

Want his answer?????

Wait for it.........

It's a good one I promise.........

Needless to say I went outside by myself to get some wood!!  Guess he figured it was to chilly to go outside!!!!! LOL!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Way Different!!!

Many Many moons ago I thought my life would be just alittle different than it is today!!!! 

You see I pictured the people in my life to be different.  I pictured my every day life to include a few extras that aren't there today. 

I thought that my "family" would all be right here & we would be as close as ever.  Standing beside each other & helping each other out.  I figured when I made a choice that I would have the support of my "family".

I believe that the good Lord has sent my life down a totally different path than what I thought it would be.  I know HE has a plan in place for my life and I'm good with turning it over to HIM.  I do just kinda wish sometimes I could fast forward & like the speed of light run to the end of this certain path so I could see what the reasoning behind some of HIS choices are.  See why in the world HE has put me on this path, but it's ok.  I'm going to learn from this path.  I'm going to grow from this path.  I might not have any of the people in my life that I THOUGHT would be there but I do have HIM walking beside me & carrying me when I don't think I can walk anymore!!!  And truthfully....HE usually carries me more than I walk!!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I have an aunt....well actually I have 3 aunts, which are all super wonderful women.  But one aunt in particular comes to my mind everytime I make homemade nachos.  You see many many moons ago one summer I was at her house & she made homemade nachos for me & her kids.  And believe it or not I hadn't ever had homemade nachos before.  We never got them at our house.....insert a sad sad face here!!!
So now everytime me & DH make homemade nachos I smile cuz I think of her!!!!
Sooooooo just remember what might be small to you, may mean the world to someone else.  And make them smile for years to come!!!!