Monday, October 17, 2011

It's time.....

It's almost the end of our vacation!!!!  It started out wonderful!!  A great day with my wonderful DH!!! Then it kinda went all to pot!!!!  After DH got 2 wisdom teeth pulled along with a biopsy done on his mouth on Friday, we came home to a tree down in the yard!!!

And the wonderful said tree left us with no power, no phone & no cable on Friday night!!!!  Luckily we had 2 heros that came out Saturday am & fixxed the power for us!!  NO was 3 heros!!!  Which was a blessing cuz I needed to finish baking for the open house at the Fire Department on Sunday!!!  The cable guy came out on Saturday afternoon & DH got his cable finally!!  And then Sunday am the phone guy came out!!! 

But a funny thing occured after a CRAZY week prior to vacation.......I spent 4 days without internet, without Facebook & without the drama of family that is supposed to love people in Hoss's World!!!  Today is the first day I've gotten online in 4 days & low & behold I pull up a lovely picture on Facebook that got my blood pressue boiling!!!  I've been kicking around the idea of getting rid of Facebook for many reasons.......and I think this picture is the thing that the good Lord put in front of me to say forget it!!  It's not worth it!!!  How am I supposed to be a better wife, a better Christian, a better mommy to Hoss if I'm on Facebook concerned about people who really don't give a flying flip about me!!!

So it's time!!  Time to say goodbye to things that drag me down!  Time to say goodbye to people who don't care about me!!  Time to goodbye to the negative in my life!!

Time to say hello to a new me!!  A me that is trying to become a better person!!  A me that is more concerned about my family that is here!  A me that is more concerned about growing closer to a Father that will never leave me and has always stood beside!  Even when I forget He is there!!!

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