Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Way Different!!!

Many Many moons ago I thought my life would be just alittle different than it is today!!!! 

You see I pictured the people in my life to be different.  I pictured my every day life to include a few extras that aren't there today. 

I thought that my "family" would all be right here & we would be as close as ever.  Standing beside each other & helping each other out.  I figured when I made a choice that I would have the support of my "family".

I believe that the good Lord has sent my life down a totally different path than what I thought it would be.  I know HE has a plan in place for my life and I'm good with turning it over to HIM.  I do just kinda wish sometimes I could fast forward & like the speed of light run to the end of this certain path so I could see what the reasoning behind some of HIS choices are.  See why in the world HE has put me on this path, but it's ok.  I'm going to learn from this path.  I'm going to grow from this path.  I might not have any of the people in my life that I THOUGHT would be there but I do have HIM walking beside me & carrying me when I don't think I can walk anymore!!!  And truthfully....HE usually carries me more than I walk!!!!

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