Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Here are just a few pictures from my phone that were taken recently.....
It was kinda raining HARD on the way home yesterday!!!  I REALLY disklike driving in the rain!!  But thankfully made it home safely after 3 stops!!!!

Here are my walking partners!!  I think this was like the 10 time I tried to get them to BOTH BE STILL so I could take their picture!!!!

We went fishing up in Montreat the other day!!  This is Hoss's idea of trying to find the fish!!!

And after walking with friends & fishing, it's nap time cuz it's very very hard working playing & having fun!!!! LOL!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


The 4th of July is right around the corner.....our plans???  I'm really not to sure!!!  We will probably go to my BIL & SIL's side yard.  See they have a side yard that we & most of the neighborhood end up partying in every year.  And it's the PERFECT place to see the fireworks.  Will Hosser be there????  MAYBE!!!  We'll see how the day goes!!!  He might come to the food eating part of the party but go home when the fireworks happen!!!!  Just all depends!!!!

Did I tell ya'll that we had a bear in the neighborhood the other night.......and of course it was during the time that Hosser & I take our nightly walk!!!  What the heck???  Now everytime I walk I'm all nervous that we are gonna run into him again!!!  LOL!!!!

Scentsy June 2011 Warmer of the Month "Cupcake" and Scent "Happy Birthday"


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Creek Playin....

Cool thing about where we live there are a few creeks in the neighborhood and even in our yard that we get to play in.  As you can see we LOVE to play in the creek!!!

And just so you know....the creek really is pretty & calming WHEN CRAZY DOG ISN'T JUMPING AROUND IN IT!!!!!


Just in case you wanted to know......which I hope you all did!!  Here is me & my DH being goofs tonight!!!! 

And I'm sure he'll kill me for posting this one.....shhhhhh don't tell him!!!!

And for fairness so you all don't think we don't give equal camera time.  Here the Hosser is after a very nasty windstorm yesterday that knocked trees down & left people with out power!!!!

This would be after he drove me crazy to go outside & couldn't cuz limbs were falling EVERYWHERE.  Once the wind died so did he!!!!

And then this morning we had a bad thunderstorm and he SLEPT right thru it!!!  Just like his dad!!  Can't stand windstorms but thunderstorms aren't any big deal!!!! LOL!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


My lunch break is 30 mins!!!!  Yeah and in 15 of the 30 mins today I SAVED $23.96 & only spent $21.22!!!!  Yeah I saved more than I spent!!! SCORE ALECIA!!!!

Here is what I got......
*2 boxes of Kellogs Raisin Bran 3/$9.00 & I had a $1 off coupon for 2 so that's 2 boxes for $5,

*2 bottles of Soft Scrub which is on sale 2/$5 & in Sunday's coupons there was a B1G1 coupon so I got BOTH bottles for $2.50,

*2 bottles of Palmolive which were both 88 cent,

*2 bottles of Diet Pepsi & a Dr Pepper which were 88 cent each,

*and the Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets are on sale so I got 2 of them for $8.79!!!!

It's all about matching coupons with sales!!!!  PLUS I'm like just a few $ away from getting my $10 free gas card for the week.  So by the time I make one more trip cuz I forgot a few things....remember only 30 mins to shop, drive, eat a Magnum ice cream bar & get back to work.....I'll be receiving a FREE $10 GAS CARD by the end of the week!!!!! YEAH ME!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Baseball Fans

Here in Hoss's World we are major College Baseball fans.  Well along with college football, college basketball, racing, Major League Baseball & pretty much any other sport!!  I even saw DH watching college softball the other day cuz it was the only sport that he could find on the TV!!  Ohhhh and let there be golf sakes we have to watch that to.....although I'm not to sure how anyone can play that's the most boring sport!!!

But anyways back to the exciting news....the College World Series is starting on June 18 and our household has a HUGE problem....see the Texas Longhorns AND the UNC Tarheels are both in the finals!!!
That is MAJOR excitement & drama for our house!!!  See I'm all about the Longhorns & DH is all about the Heels!!!  I'm a Heels fan too BUT not if the Longhorns are playing!!! 

And you want to know what's worse.....THEY ARE BOTH ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE BRACKET!!!  Which means there is a possibility that they will have to play each other!!!!  That could be very bad for our side of the living room in Burnt Orange, the other in Carolina Blue!!!  Land sakes I might have to send DH somewhere else to watch those games!!!!!!!

I wonder if I make all Texas foods the night they play each other if DH will put 2 & 2 together!!! Ohhhhh that's evil!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toothpicks have become my friend!!!!

Do you see the above bright eyed & bushed tailed child???  Him & his daddy are gonna become the death of me!!!  Or maybe the saving grace to any toothpick makers in the United States!!!

The above picture was taken the other night as we HAD to go on a walk cuz SOMEONE was being a whiney tail & driving me crazy so I took the camera & off we went!!  Well last night it was pouring the rain & we just HAD to go on a walk at 9PM at night!!  Which means by the way that I missed Deadliest Catch!!  Cuz by the time we took a 45 min walk & got back home the laundry was done & it was time to fold everything, the dishes needed washed,  winter clothes needed boxed up & put away cuz they were driving me crazy laying on the bedroom floor, I needed to read my devotional & mop the kitchen floor.

And THEN after going to bed @ 11 something my DH gets up at a CRAZY TIME of morning!!  Really you don't want to know what time we get up, have breakfast, let Hosser out to pee, feed said Hosser, start laundry & do whatever else.  Then lay down for like 30 extra mins & get up to get ready for work.

But anyway said DH pokes me at the time of night that partiers in NY City are coming home and says get up honey!!!!! Don't tell him but I really really really try to ignore him!!  It doesn't work he just pokes harder!!!!!  I've been known to say OK honey & pretend like I'm getting up & then roll over & go back to sleep.............he then says Hosser into get me & when 70 pounds of muscle land on your stomach you have a tendancy to get up!!!!   All the while I bet DH is laughing at me cuz I pretty much leap out of the bed when that happens!!!

Off I go to the kitchen to feed the men in my life.....and search fratically for some toothpicks to prop my eyelids up!!!   I fell asleep the other morning leaning against the wall while cooking eggs!!! LOL......good thing Hosser was ready to come inside & act like a bull in a china shop cuz he woke me up!!!!!

So seriously when I say toothpicks are my new best friend they really are!!!  You know the nice pretty colored ones (you can see them better when you are half asleep)!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peach a la Mode, June 2011 Scent of the Month

LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent of the month!!!!

Swamp Brothers- Moving a Python

Seriously no lie....have you watched "Swamp Brothers" on the Discovery channel? This one is an old clip but I'm telling you I laugh so hard at Steven that my sides hurt by the time I get done watching it!! And last night they had to milk snakes & it made my chest hurt, I was that scared of the dang things......It wasn't like they were gonna come out of the TV and get me with those big ol fangs!!! But I jumped everytime & had goose bumps when they would pull those big ol Timber Rattlers out!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bake Sale Time

The youth at our church that are going to competition had a bake sale/breakfast fundraiser Saturday morning!!!  And you know I had to make some cupcakes.  This time I did something alittle different..........

                          CUPCAKES IN JAR!!!!

Loved them!!!!  They were supposed to turn out green, white then blue.....but the outside was all green & the inside was a blue, white swirly combo.  Still pretty good!!!

But I also did abunch of Smores in a jar up too!!!!  And ummmm after a day of up early taking them the goodies, finishing stacking wood, washing one side of the house, taking Hosser for a hike, running errands, closing out a Scentsy party, cleaning out all the dog hair from the back seat of the car, laundry & whatever else I did Saturday I'm very very glad that one of the Smores in a jars got accidently left here at the house!!!!! LOL!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Grand Rapids LipDub (NEW WORLD RECORD)


Just sayin,,,,,

One small piece of advice..........

Don't allow your dog to WALK UP & DOWN in a creek that barely has water in it cuz do you see the front paws!!!  Wait I'll give you a better picture.....

Do you see the BLACK paws on a BROWN dog????  I think he had alittle to much fun in the creek!!!! 

Because then of course when we came inside, he was jacked up & ready for a treat so this happened..........

We jump up on the counter with our muddy paws wanting one of his Dingos!!!!!

But the not fun thing about playing outside in the muddy is mom has to scrub all the black mud off of Hoss BEFORE he goes any farther in the house...........

And then said mom has to wash laundry cuz there were 2 towels that looked like this when we got done!!!!!

So I'm just sayin.......GO PLAY IN THE CREEK!!!!  Have fun!!!  You only live once!!!!