Thursday, June 16, 2011


My lunch break is 30 mins!!!!  Yeah and in 15 of the 30 mins today I SAVED $23.96 & only spent $21.22!!!!  Yeah I saved more than I spent!!! SCORE ALECIA!!!!

Here is what I got......
*2 boxes of Kellogs Raisin Bran 3/$9.00 & I had a $1 off coupon for 2 so that's 2 boxes for $5,

*2 bottles of Soft Scrub which is on sale 2/$5 & in Sunday's coupons there was a B1G1 coupon so I got BOTH bottles for $2.50,

*2 bottles of Palmolive which were both 88 cent,

*2 bottles of Diet Pepsi & a Dr Pepper which were 88 cent each,

*and the Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets are on sale so I got 2 of them for $8.79!!!!

It's all about matching coupons with sales!!!!  PLUS I'm like just a few $ away from getting my $10 free gas card for the week.  So by the time I make one more trip cuz I forgot a few things....remember only 30 mins to shop, drive, eat a Magnum ice cream bar & get back to work.....I'll be receiving a FREE $10 GAS CARD by the end of the week!!!!! YEAH ME!!!!

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