Monday, June 13, 2011

Baseball Fans

Here in Hoss's World we are major College Baseball fans.  Well along with college football, college basketball, racing, Major League Baseball & pretty much any other sport!!  I even saw DH watching college softball the other day cuz it was the only sport that he could find on the TV!!  Ohhhh and let there be golf sakes we have to watch that to.....although I'm not to sure how anyone can play that's the most boring sport!!!

But anyways back to the exciting news....the College World Series is starting on June 18 and our household has a HUGE problem....see the Texas Longhorns AND the UNC Tarheels are both in the finals!!!
That is MAJOR excitement & drama for our house!!!  See I'm all about the Longhorns & DH is all about the Heels!!!  I'm a Heels fan too BUT not if the Longhorns are playing!!! 

And you want to know what's worse.....THEY ARE BOTH ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE BRACKET!!!  Which means there is a possibility that they will have to play each other!!!!  That could be very bad for our side of the living room in Burnt Orange, the other in Carolina Blue!!!  Land sakes I might have to send DH somewhere else to watch those games!!!!!!!

I wonder if I make all Texas foods the night they play each other if DH will put 2 & 2 together!!! Ohhhhh that's evil!!!!

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