Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toothpicks have become my friend!!!!

Do you see the above bright eyed & bushed tailed child???  Him & his daddy are gonna become the death of me!!!  Or maybe the saving grace to any toothpick makers in the United States!!!

The above picture was taken the other night as we HAD to go on a walk cuz SOMEONE was being a whiney tail & driving me crazy so I took the camera & off we went!!  Well last night it was pouring the rain & we just HAD to go on a walk at 9PM at night!!  Which means by the way that I missed Deadliest Catch!!  Cuz by the time we took a 45 min walk & got back home the laundry was done & it was time to fold everything, the dishes needed washed,  winter clothes needed boxed up & put away cuz they were driving me crazy laying on the bedroom floor, I needed to read my devotional & mop the kitchen floor.

And THEN after going to bed @ 11 something my DH gets up at a CRAZY TIME of morning!!  Really you don't want to know what time we get up, have breakfast, let Hosser out to pee, feed said Hosser, start laundry & do whatever else.  Then lay down for like 30 extra mins & get up to get ready for work.

But anyway said DH pokes me at the time of night that partiers in NY City are coming home and says get up honey!!!!! Don't tell him but I really really really try to ignore him!!  It doesn't work he just pokes harder!!!!!  I've been known to say OK honey & pretend like I'm getting up & then roll over & go back to sleep.............he then says Hosser into get me & when 70 pounds of muscle land on your stomach you have a tendancy to get up!!!!   All the while I bet DH is laughing at me cuz I pretty much leap out of the bed when that happens!!!

Off I go to the kitchen to feed the men in my life.....and search fratically for some toothpicks to prop my eyelids up!!!   I fell asleep the other morning leaning against the wall while cooking eggs!!! LOL......good thing Hosser was ready to come inside & act like a bull in a china shop cuz he woke me up!!!!!

So seriously when I say toothpicks are my new best friend they really are!!!  You know the nice pretty colored ones (you can see them better when you are half asleep)!!!!!!

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