Thursday, March 31, 2011

I was gonna.....

I was gonna tell ya about the rockin day I had.  AND show you pictures so you could see how I saved 135% @ CVS & about 60% at Target.  Tell ya how I lucked up at McDonalds & got HOT CRUNCHY SALTY fries....which are my FAVORITE!!!  And then go into how the Yankees won their season opener today........BUT someone said that I put everything up on FB & on my blog & made some other comments so......know that today was WONDERFUL!!!  Tomorrow is my birthday.  Yeah April Fools Day is my birthday....explains everything doesn't it!!! LOL!!!!  And there ya go!!!!! =)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weighing Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!  Weighed in this morning on my goal to loose weight before our first vacation!!!!  And drum roll please...................DOWN 4 POUNDS!!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

This first week I changed my eating habits.  Smaller portions, have drunk enough water to make a small lake & walking the Hosser anywhere from 1-2 miles a day!!! 

Over the past 2 days I have started eating a small breakfast every morning.  This morning it was a piece of toast w/peanut butter (remember I said small....cuz I'm NOT a breakfast person).  I'm gonna go this week to Aldi & get some more fruit & TRY eating some kind of fruit with my toast every morning. 

On a more pitiful note....Hoss & I slammed heads this morning in the car & I think I have a small bruise on my forehead because of the nerd!!!!!  And what was even sadder is that it happened right before I had to go in somewhere so there where tears in my eyes & I looked like a big ol cry baby!!!!!  LOL!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I didn't think I would ever say this....must be the old age kicking in.  BUT fresh flowers in my house, whether on the table or in the kitchen make me just kinda stop and say Ahhhhhhhh!!! 

It's kinda nice to take a second out of the busy day & see the burst of color, smell the wonderful smells & just say Thank you Lord for giving me EVERYTHING that you have!!!!

Cleaning Up means....

Cleaning up to me means cleaning out!!!  And in order to start the Spring Clean Up that is happening at our house we MUST start cleaning out..........sooooooooooooo the first thing to go must the the Exercise Bike that we don't use!!!  Because I'm just saying as much as I like riding it, it DOESN'T do Hosser a lick of good.  I still have to take him for a walk. 

So the time has come for it to be SOLD.  Make sure you check out my FB page for more pictures, details & price.  Next I'm gonna work on a few more things in this photo. But those will come later!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

How Scentsy Candles Started

Ever wonder how Scentsy got started?????

How Did Scentsy Get Started? Part 1

LOVE Saturdays.........

First I have to tell you that I have watched Little House on the Prairie ALL day today!!!!!  And it has been WONDERFUL!!!!  It's just nice to sit and think of the simpler things sometimes!!!!

But in between episodes I did manage to find this WONDERFUL recipe for Cappuccino Muffins!!!!!

And ummmm once I came down off my high from the coffee & sugar.....I looked at the sink and found this......

And decided it was time to eat one more muffin!!!!  Ohhhh I forgot to mention they even have CHOCOLATE CHIPS in them!!!! 

I'm thinking once I eat one more here after awhile I'll tackle cleaning the bathroom.  I'm thinking that should be enough work & excerise to have worked off the 3 muffins!!!!!!  Do ya think????

Friday, March 25, 2011

Look who's back....

Look who has decide to come back!!!  Just like his name sake.....SATAN has returned from his winter slumber. 

It's kinda fun that he has returned over the past few weeks.....cuz the real SATAN has decided to yet again pop back into my life.  Today showing his ugly head yet again. 

A couple weeks ago I went thru and deleted some people from my life that made me not be the wife I need to be.  And then today low & behold SATAN pops up into our lives & anger, jealousy, and a very ugly side of me starts to boil in the pit of my stomach!!!!

The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth (Psalm 145:18)

Kept popping into my head.

And then came into my mind........

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife (husband)

And I thought you know what......the people in our life that bring Satan along with them will one day have to stand in front of my Lord & Savior & give an account of themselves.  Let them be the ones that stutter & gasp when HE says what in the world were you thinking?  Why in the world would you have even thought about doing something crazy & stupid like this???  And then I just kind had to giggle. 

I mentioned this to my DH, in a calm respectful way & you'll never believe what happened........he very calmly said ok.  I'm sorry, I understand & I agree!!!!!  That in itself is a miracle, cuz normally he would have blown a gasket.  But I seriously think because I stepped back, looked at it from a different perspective and had HIM by my side this time DH was very cool with everything!!!!  My oh My isn't it funny how things have changed!!!!

And in a very unrelated comment........WOOOOO HOOOOOO WAY TO GO UNC TARHEELS on your win tonight!!!  Now PLEASE let's keep it up on Sunday!!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weighing Wednesday

Good morning all!!!!  Here is the view from my front porch bright and early the other morning!!!!!  I've been outside looking at this view more & more this last week!!!  And have made myself a goal while soaking up the early morning spring sunshine!!!!!

We take 2 vacations a year.......the first one in August & the 2nd in October.  MAN THOSE SEEM SO FAR AWAY!!!!!  But they really aren't when you stop & think about it!!!!    Back to goal Alecia.....stay on my goal is by the first vacation to have lost 40 pounds.  That's like 2 pounds a week!!!! Easy peasy!!!  RIGHT?????

So I weighed in today (on my FAVORITE bathroom scale that talks to me!!!!) LOL!!  It didn't say "Holy Crap I can't breathe!!!" but it did say "Ummmm Alecia get with it!!!!".  So I'll be telling you on Wednesdays how my weight loss is going.  Hopefully pretty good!!!!

Today's step in the weight loss direction is replacing my morning Pepsi with 2 waters......I couldn't give up my morning coffee (in my FAVORITE cup of course), didn't want to shock my body to bad!!!! LOL!!!!  Lunch for the past few days has been salads.  I really really really am craving a big ol Blizzard from DQ, all cuz a friend of mine had to tell me about a smoothie she had the other day.  And it's super warm out today so weather like that calls for a Blizzard.  BUT.....I'm not gonna give in!!!!  It'll be chilly here in a few days & the craving will go away (HOPEFULLY)!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Can you say spoiled?????  The first one is Hosser hiding his head behind Daddy while they were kicked back on the couch.......

Then Daddy had to get up and Daddy moved the pillow over so Hosser could hide his head behind it!!!!  LOL I think we are kinda spoiled!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jumpin' Jelly Bean, March Scent of the Month

How sweet is this!!!! And Jumpin Jelly Beans is one of my FAVORITES!!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My List....

Today my list is getting checked off in record time.  I placed a Scentsy order, ordered the bags for delivery of said Scentsy order, got a TON of paper off my desk, PLUS got my parents anniversary card all hooked up to go out in a few days!!!!  AND IT'S ONLY 12:30!!!!

Now though I gotta tell you about the 2 sites I found that made my morning WAY simpler....first the anniversary card.  You MUST MUST MUST go check out my WONDERFUL friend Lisa's Send Out Cards website.  I seriously am the type of person that MUST do things as soon as I think of them.  For me to go the store, pick a card out PLUS address it AND HAVE A STAMP handy (cuz we all know I'm the world's worst at having stamps!!!) AND GET IT TO THE POST OFFICE BEFORE someones anniversary or birthday is TOTALLY NEVER NEVER NEVER gonna happen!!!  So all I do when I think of someone is scoot over to Lisa's site, pick out a card & type what I want to say on it....pick what date I would like it delivered (now or on the persons birthday or anniversary) and I'm done!!!!  Can you seriously hear the angels singing!!!???  Cuz this is a God send website for me!!!!!

AND THEN for the past 3 weeks I have needed to get to the craft store/gift wrapping store place to get some more bags for deliveries & presents for different showers etc that are coming up!!!  And guess what I found on line.....Cello In A Box website!!!  They have all kinds of bags, boxes, gift wrapping, tissue paper & shredded goodie thingys to go in bags & boxes.  PLUS you can sign up with them and get 20% off!!!  As much as I always need some kinda bag for something or someone this website is fastly becoming one of my FAVORITES too!!!!  See look aren't these little Easter bags the cutest!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Today is a Monday. YUCK!!!!

Today is the first work day after officially loosing an hour of sleep because of the time change. DOUBLE YUCK!!!!!

Today all I want to do is go jump back in the bed & take a nap.

Today I got a WONDERFULMOUS present from one of my ohhhh sooooo sweet friends!!!!  Look what she brought me......Who could not make it thru the day with a bag of these in your desk drawer!!!!???

Today I was informed that Hosser took a run thru the when I get home tonight we'll be getting a bath!!! YIPPIE!!!!!

Today I was also informed that I hadn't made out the dinner list for the week.......guess I'll be doing that tonight!!! 

And last but not least today I have no cravings cuz I've been munching on blue, green, yellow & orange M&M's ALL AFTERNOON!!!  And they are super duper good!!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Patience is NOT one of Hossers strong suits!!!!  Do you see that look in his eye of.......please would you hurry up & eat your dinner cuz I WANNA GO PLAY RIGHT NOW!!!!

I made us one of my FAVORITE meals the other night.  All it is is Betty Crocker Julliene Taters (the one in the box), onions, green peas & sausage!!!  Bake it for ohhhh 30-40 mins & then top with some cheese!!!!!  It's so easy & good enough for your tongue to slap your brains out!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Update on the CRAZY phone call people!!!  The jacklegs called back last night & got the DH this time......needless to say I don't think this time they will be calling back again!!!!!

I also found this morning the Campbell's Kitchen website which has a TON of easy recipes on there.  You should go check it out!!!  I'm thinking the Quick & Easy Dinner Nachos Supreme are going to be on my dinner list for next week!!!! Doesn't it???

Monday, March 7, 2011

Crazy Phone Call

I forgot to tell ya'll about the CRAZY phone call I got Saturday!!!!! 

I'm getting ready to leave & of course am in the middle of brushing my teethers when the phone rings.....our caller ID said it was a BLOCKED number.  The only person that calls our house from a BLOCKED number is my brother-in-law (BIL) I answer the phone (still brushing my teeth mind you cuz that's just how nice I am to my BIL) and the guy on the other end is NOT my BIL....he's some unAmerican speaking guy that asks for me.  He proceeds to tell me that he is from UPS & they have a package to deliver for me & they will be at my house in an hour.  I about chocked on my toothpaste......Dude wasn't to smart in making this phone call cuz I get a package from UPS almost every week & they DON'T call me to tell me they are delivering.  So I very nicely said....When did UPS start calling to let me know that I'm getting a delivery & when did you start delivering on Saturdays?  He said WHAT!!!!  So by now I'm bound & determined to bust this guy in a scam....cuz you know he did interupt me brushing my teethers & all!!!!  I repeated myself not so nicely the second time....and he said they call when the package is LARGE like this one is.  I said ummmmmm that's funny....who is it coming from?  He proceeded to say something that I couldn't understand & I said WHO????  He repeated himself & I said I can't understand'll have to let me talk to a supervisor.....and Dude hung up on me!!!  HOW RUDE!!!!!!

So my point in all this rambling is to tell you 2 things......A)I brush my teeth every day (even on Saturdays)  so they will be sparkly white for everyone I meet!!! and B)DON'T DON'T DON'T DON'T fall for the UPS scam.  I have seen it being sent by email but this is the first time I have gotten a phone call from it!!!!  BE CAREFUL & if it sounds CRAZY it probably is!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yummy Dinner......

Tonight's dinner was Southwest Layered Salad.  Way to easy to make......
                          Romaine Lettuce
                          1 Can of Black Beans rinsed
                          1 Can of whole Kernel Corn rained
                          1/2 cup of Salsa
                          1/2 cup chedder cheese
                          1/2 cup pepper jack cheese
                          Ranch dressing
                          Broken Tortilla chips

(I put salsa & sour cream on mine.....DH put ketchup & ranch dressing on his)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's bedtime!!!!

It's rough being a dog here in Hoss's World.  You have to rest alot after you've been sick for a few days!!!!!  This is where we found Hosser the other night around 10:45 PM!!!  Daddy turned the TV on in the bedroom for him & up on the bed he went & was out like a light!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Fever

Wonder why we have Spring Fever here in the South.......cuz girlfriend......It was 9:42 in the am the other day & the temperature was 67 INSIDE my house & 58 OUTSIDE of the house!!!!!!