Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weighing Wednesday

Good morning all!!!!  Here is the view from my front porch bright and early the other morning!!!!!  I've been outside looking at this view more & more this last week!!!  And have made myself a goal while soaking up the early morning spring sunshine!!!!!

We take 2 vacations a year.......the first one in August & the 2nd in October.  MAN THOSE SEEM SO FAR AWAY!!!!!  But they really aren't when you stop & think about it!!!!    Back to goal Alecia.....stay on my goal is by the first vacation to have lost 40 pounds.  That's like 2 pounds a week!!!! Easy peasy!!!  RIGHT?????

So I weighed in today (on my FAVORITE bathroom scale that talks to me!!!!) LOL!!  It didn't say "Holy Crap I can't breathe!!!" but it did say "Ummmm Alecia get with it!!!!".  So I'll be telling you on Wednesdays how my weight loss is going.  Hopefully pretty good!!!!

Today's step in the weight loss direction is replacing my morning Pepsi with 2 waters......I couldn't give up my morning coffee (in my FAVORITE cup of course), didn't want to shock my body to bad!!!! LOL!!!!  Lunch for the past few days has been salads.  I really really really am craving a big ol Blizzard from DQ, all cuz a friend of mine had to tell me about a smoothie she had the other day.  And it's super warm out today so weather like that calls for a Blizzard.  BUT.....I'm not gonna give in!!!!  It'll be chilly here in a few days & the craving will go away (HOPEFULLY)!!!!

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