Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My List....

Today my list is getting checked off in record time.  I placed a Scentsy order, ordered the bags for delivery of said Scentsy order, got a TON of paper off my desk, PLUS got my parents anniversary card all hooked up to go out in a few days!!!!  AND IT'S ONLY 12:30!!!!

Now though I gotta tell you about the 2 sites I found that made my morning WAY simpler....first the anniversary card.  You MUST MUST MUST go check out my WONDERFUL friend Lisa's Send Out Cards website.  I seriously am the type of person that MUST do things as soon as I think of them.  For me to go the store, pick a card out PLUS address it AND HAVE A STAMP handy (cuz we all know I'm the world's worst at having stamps!!!) AND GET IT TO THE POST OFFICE BEFORE someones anniversary or birthday is TOTALLY NEVER NEVER NEVER gonna happen!!!  So all I do when I think of someone is scoot over to Lisa's site, pick out a card & type what I want to say on it....pick what date I would like it delivered (now or on the persons birthday or anniversary) and I'm done!!!!  Can you seriously hear the angels singing!!!???  Cuz this is a God send website for me!!!!!

AND THEN for the past 3 weeks I have needed to get to the craft store/gift wrapping store place to get some more bags for deliveries & presents for different showers etc that are coming up!!!  And guess what I found on line.....Cello In A Box website!!!  They have all kinds of bags, boxes, gift wrapping, tissue paper & shredded goodie thingys to go in bags & boxes.  PLUS you can sign up with them and get 20% off!!!  As much as I always need some kinda bag for something or someone this website is fastly becoming one of my FAVORITES too!!!!  See look aren't these little Easter bags the cutest!!!!

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