Monday, March 14, 2011


Today is a Monday. YUCK!!!!

Today is the first work day after officially loosing an hour of sleep because of the time change. DOUBLE YUCK!!!!!

Today all I want to do is go jump back in the bed & take a nap.

Today I got a WONDERFULMOUS present from one of my ohhhh sooooo sweet friends!!!!  Look what she brought me......Who could not make it thru the day with a bag of these in your desk drawer!!!!???

Today I was informed that Hosser took a run thru the when I get home tonight we'll be getting a bath!!! YIPPIE!!!!!

Today I was also informed that I hadn't made out the dinner list for the week.......guess I'll be doing that tonight!!! 

And last but not least today I have no cravings cuz I've been munching on blue, green, yellow & orange M&M's ALL AFTERNOON!!!  And they are super duper good!!!!!

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