Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bake Sale Time

The youth at our church that are going to competition had a bake sale/breakfast fundraiser Saturday morning!!!  And you know I had to make some cupcakes.  This time I did something alittle different..........

                          CUPCAKES IN JAR!!!!

Loved them!!!!  They were supposed to turn out green, white then blue.....but the outside was all green & the inside was a blue, white swirly combo.  Still pretty good!!!

But I also did abunch of Smores in a jar up too!!!!  And ummmm after a day of up early taking them the goodies, finishing stacking wood, washing one side of the house, taking Hosser for a hike, running errands, closing out a Scentsy party, cleaning out all the dog hair from the back seat of the car, laundry & whatever else I did Saturday I'm very very glad that one of the Smores in a jars got accidently left here at the house!!!!! LOL!!!

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