Thursday, January 13, 2011


So today I went back to work after 2 snow days.  Well kinda 2 snow days.......I worked from home alittle bit yesterday!!!!!  And after having 2 days off I have decided I would be a VERY GOOD STAY AT HOME & WORK PERSON!!!!!  I had so much more fun yesterday working from DH's big comfy chair, in my PJ's, facebooking, working Scentsy stuff & doing alittle insurance work....all while I was watching soaps!!! Ohhhhhh and did 2 loads of laundry & cleaned the bathroom!!! 

I think Hoss liked mommy being home too!!!

BUT I did get a few things done today that I couldn't do from home......went to CVS!!!  Bought almost $10 of stuff & only spent $6 cuz I had some Bonus Bucks YIPPIE!!!!  Sent out some Scentsy FUNdraiser envelopes, transferred some $ (which I was supposed to do the other day) and caught up on all the work that was I wonder if I can talk my boss into letting me take the next 2 days off. could only wish!!!!

*****A small side at work didn't start off much better!!!!!  But it's ok I have a plan today that I didn't have gonna work the plan & maybe just maybe it'll be a better day!!!!

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