Monday, January 17, 2011


Today is Monday!!!!  I dealt with zoo people, people ignoring me right to my face, going to a Scentsy Open House for one of my GREAT team members, snow, taking a wrong turn & having to reschedule for one of my customers, freezing rain, soggy hotdogs, leaking shower heads, texting from a phone that I hate, ice, laundry, carrying wood in for the heater, getting my feelings hurt, learning that my skin isn't to thick, a DH that makes me smile, kisses that seem sweeter & sweeter everytime I get them!!!!  It's been a GREAT day!!!  I'm just thankful that we are all here in our house safely & that I get to lay down on my pillows tonight snuggled up under the covers with DH & the Hosser!!!! 

Hope you had a wonderful uneventful Monday!!!!!

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