Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why I LOVE this little jewel.....

I'd like to take a moment to introduce to you my FAVORITE coffee cup!!!!  If I lost this little jewel I'd probably cry for days & wear black for atleast 6 months!!!!! 

Why do I LOVE this little cup???? 

1)Dude it's metal....keeps my coffee warmish hot for HOURS!!!!

2)See that little lid beside lock that bad boy closed and it wouldn't spill anything even if it was in a tornado!!!  And that's a good thing cuz look who the cup has to deal with.............

Yeah that's Hoss telling me to hurry up he is ready to go on his walk......and if I don't hurry he is gonna pounce on me!!!!

3) It's that cool purple color!!!!  I take it to my Scentsy parties cuz of the color....and people think it's from Scentsy and it's not.

and last but not least.....

4) when you get up at 12:45 AM cuz above dog wants out and won't go back to sleep til 1:30 AM on your bed so you have to sleep on the couch......then up again at 2:30 AM cuz your DH is crazy and then AGAIN at 5:30 AM cuz you have to send DH off to work & get the laundry started, take the dog for a walk, run by & drop off a present for your great nephews & nieces (yeah I have GREAT nephews & nieces......I feel so old!!!). My WONDERFUL cup holds my coffee with such care & love even if it is my 2 full cup cuz heaven knows that I need some ump today!!!!! 

And now I am at my last stop for awhile......and am still drinking from said jewel!!!!

PS. It's a Starbucks cup!! and no Starbucks didn't send it to me cuz they love me....really they don't know who I am.  I bought it probably 4 years ago!!!!

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