Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Marriage

This is my sweet DH....yes he just happens to be giving me a hard time when I snapped this picture....saying I was gonna get throwed out of the store cuz I wasn't supposed to have the camera in there.....but regardless he is sweet!!!!  And my best friend & the person that knows me inside & out.  But I'm not writing this post to brag on him (although I could for hours!!!!!!) I'm writing it to send you over to a blog I found called Busy 'Lil Homemaker where she talks about protecting your marriage.  Im reading this blog this morning & all I could do is cry.  It was happy tears.  Tears of understanding.  Tears of yep Lord I got it!!!  Tears of yes we rock!!!!
Without giving you TMI.....know that yesterday something happened that Busy 'Lil Homemaker's post talks about & I know that I know that I know that because I have been walking with my Lord like I should I was able to resist Satan.  My prayer has been lately that the Lord be in my mind & in the deepest spot of my heart!!!  And He has been!!!!  And because of that I was able to turn and say

"Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men."

So I can tell you lots of things in this post.....but mostly I want you to know.......If you have the Lord in your heart, mind & speech, when it comes time for Satan to try'll be able to turn the other cheek.  Or turn off the phone or the TV or the outside world that is trying so hard to drive a wedge in your marriage!!!!


  1. Just realized you have a blog! :)
    I *SO* agree with this, Alecia! God has blessed me with an amazing husband and 2 great kids. I never take them for granted, but it's so easy to let the outside world sneak in before you even realize what is happening. Thanks for sharing this - looking forward to following your blog! xo

  2. Alecia, this is a wonderful post!!! You do rock, girl!!
    Patty H

  3. Alecia...I love you!!! I love, love, love the woman you are AND the woman you are becoming. Your friendship grows more precious to me everyday. God bless you and Scotty. We are still praying for continued health and blessings for you both. Thanks for sharing.