Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Time again

Can you believe it's the start of ANOTHER week!!????  Man time is flying!!!  Here is our menu plan for this week....

Tuesday....Pickup night
Wednesday....Pickup night
Thursday....Ham Steaks
Friday...Salmon & Shrimp
Saturday....Hamburger Buddy (I posted the receipe on FB...hope it's good!!!!)
Sunday...Chicken Pot Pie

What's Pickup's when we have crazy night schedules & we just pick something up on our way from here to there to there & back to here..

I really didn't think this menu planning would be this fun.  I'm actually working a few weeks ahead & am finding all kinds of receipes on line.  I try to share with you the good ones.......the ones that don't turn out so good......they get throwed in the fireplace!! LOL!!!!

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