Sunday, January 16, 2011

My sugar rush....

The upside of my wonderful cupcakes was the sugar rush that they produced.  Considering I HAD to taste test the creamcheese/powdered sugar inside & then HAD to taste test the icing!!!!!  The downside was the 2 pounds I know I have put on cuz I've eaten probably 3 or 4 yesterday & then atleast 2 today!!!

BUT DH did enjoy the sugar rush they gave me last night......when he got home from work this is what dinner was.......

Boiled shrimp, salad, Steak, greens & a baked potato.  All made within like an hour!!!!!  Plus had a rip roaring fire going & had most of the kitchen cleaned up!!!!! 

And had worked on wearing Hoss out!!!!!!  I'm thinking might have to have a sugar rush EVERY WEEKEND!!!!!  What do you think!!!??????

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