Monday, February 7, 2011


Ya know how your mom always said....don't go outside with a wet'll catch a cold.  Seriously I have NO IDEA if that really can happen.....but ever since I had to have a funeral for my hair dryer about 2 weeks ago I have went outside with a wet head in some nasty cold weather.....and guess what I have a terrible cold.  Sniffles, cough, sneezes, aches, scratchy throat......I sound like a Nyquil commercial!!!!!

So since I'm very Yucky feeling today & have been for the past 3 days I'm asking Hoss to PLEASE let mommy & daddy get some sleep tonight.  2 hours of sleep then up for 30-45 mins is just not cutting it.  Ohhhhh and anyone who would like some excerise is more than welcome to come take him for a walk or run cuz I can't & that's why the little stinker isn't letting us sleep!!!!  But trust me you'd bring him back shortly!!! LOL!!

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