Thursday, February 17, 2011

Full Moon!!!

It's a full moon outside I SWEAR!!!!  I've been out walking Hoss the past 2 nights (late at night when I probably shouldn't be) and I've seen it!!!!

PLUS today at work has proved how much of a full moon it is.  I have talked to the following people today.....2 people that have had loved ones pass away, 1 person getting a divorce, 2 people that are mad at the world & ready to sue EVERYONE, a crazy woman that I think is off her meds, 2 people that are disabled & don't have any money, 1 person that is 3 months behind on bills & can't get caught up, 1 person that yelled at me cuz I asked her how much of her house was rock & how much was siding, 1 man who told me you know that John guy hit me that has a blue car (like I only know one John guy LOL) & now have a customer yelling at me cuz he thought I took a 3 hour lunch.  And come to find out our receiptionist forgot to tell me he called at 1:15 (while I was at lunch) and now it's 4:05 and he has had to call me back.  And he wanted to come see me at 8:30 tomorrow morning & because I'm just now getting to talk to him I already have an appointment in the am & won't be at work til after 9. 

Let's just hope my after 5:00 people I talk to aren't as bothered by the full moon as my 8:30-5:00 people have been!!!!!

On a postive note.....Hoss gets to go with us tonight to pick up our taxes and meet a guy up at the church to price putting in an oil tank.  DH says he'll destroy the car while we are in getting our taxes.........I say ohhhhh don't worry he waits on me all the time when I go into the craft store & he is a perfect gentleman......let's see who is right!!!!  I'm thinking we need to place a friendly wager on looser buys breakfast tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!! 

Stay tuned...............................

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