Monday, February 28, 2011

Wanna see....

Ever wonder what happens when us women who are masters at multi tasking start the dish water to wash dishes and then think Ohhhh I need to change the laundry around and to do that I need to get 2 hangers so I can put the shirts on them.  And then think did I get the right stuff for that recipe....let me check it online.  And then ohhhhh I gotta pee cuz thats what happens when you are drinking your SECOND LITER of Strawberry Kiwi Green Tea.  And while you are peeing you think ya know what I haven't changed the wax in the warmer in the bathroom....need to do that.  And the 2 hangers I have in my hand need to go to the clothes that are waiting to be changed around when I go thru the kitchen I see

The sink at ALMOST overflow point!!!!!  Lesson to everyone....DON'T try to be a multi tasker!!!!!

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