Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's the weekend...

We didn't do much this weekend.  Poor Hosser isn't feeling good!!!  He got sick Friday night & decided to let me have a total of ohhhhhh 2 hours sleep.  After cleaning up his puke all night long we moved onto having the runs...which is always fun.  (sorry probably more info than what you wanted to know) Now it's Sunday night & we are working on forcing him to drink Pedilite, still have the runs & lack of eating.  We went out for a ride tonight...hoping that'll make him feel alittle better but didn't work.  He was happy as a lark when we were out riding & seeing the uncles....but now we are back to being blah!!! 

I on the other hand didn't get to lay around to much.  One of the ladies in our church had a baby shower so I made this AWESOME diaper cake.  I added a Scentsy Buddy to the top of the cake.  I think it's probably one of the cutest I've made in awhile!!!! If I must say so myself LOL!!!


And I'm thinking this precious mommy is gonna enjoy it!!!!  Aint she too cute......

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