Monday, February 21, 2011

Doctors Appointment

Well Hosser isn't doing any better just like all you mommies with kids, the doctor's appointment has been made. And I'll be leaving work early to take my poor pitiful sick child to the doctor this afternoon.  He's home with Daddy today & isn't drinking or eating anything.  And Daddy is kinda freakin out.  Not MAJOR freakin but that pit of the stomach ohhhh Mommy come home & take care of things freakin.  So to add to a wonderful Monday I'll be spending time at the doctors office this afternoon.  YIPPIE!!!!!! 

And ya want to know what is even worse....this would have been the first week in awhile that I DIDN'T have to spend ANY time in the doctors office.  LOL....guess I'll have to shoot for next week being a doctor free week!!!!!

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