Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!  It was a GLORIOUS morning this & Hoss both got 4-5 STRAIGHT hours of sleep.  He is on the mend & feeling lots better.  Just very tired right now.  And who can blame him.......he was one sick little boy.  So we are kinda just letting him hang out & relax today!!!

Here is our menu plan for the week....

Monday (I know I'm late sorry!).....We had leftovers
Tuesday.....Pork Roast in the crockpot w/carrots & onions, Greenbeans & fruit
Wednesday.....BBQ Sandwiches from the leftover pork roast
Thursday....chicken helper
Friday.....baked ziti & salad
Saturday....Ham, scalloped taters & salad
Sunday...Sausage Dogs, Coleslaw & FF

My goal this week is to TRY to not go out to eat.  Usually we go out on Wednesday nights or Friday nights.  But I'm hoping & working on a plan for us to only go out every other week.  I'm also working on the next 2 weeks cleaning out the freezers.  I seriously sometimes forget what I've put in the freezers & that's a BAD BAD thing.  So it's clean out time.......and then of course comes restock time LOL!!!!

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