Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentines....

These are my Valentines.  Both of them looking like they are up to no good!!! LOL!!!

My DH has been part of my life for almost 21 years!!!  Good golly that's a long time!!  And because he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME & knows me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well he knows that the best way to my heart on Valentines Day or any day of the year for that matter is to get me cheesecake.  And again this year he came thru..........

These cheesecakes are from an AWESOME place a couple of miles down the road from us.  There is Red Velvet, Chunky Monkey, Carmel Candy, Chocolate Chip and New York Style.  See who could not LOVE someone who would bring these yummies to work for you!!!!!!!

BUT.....WE AREN'T DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

On top of these yummy cheesecakes I got lunch from one of the local BBQ places...........

Yeah that's Cucumber Salad, Smoked Tater Salad & Beef Brisket.  And it was WAY good!!!!!!!

And then I got my new bag......

DH didn't actually get this for me.....well kinda he did.  I got it for myself from my friend Autumn......we'll say Hoss got it for me!!!  Just cuz he is a good child like that!!!!!!


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