Sunday, April 17, 2011

A wonderful Sunday

I MIGHT have had a small sweet tooth this afternoon!!!!  I took chocolate chip cookie dough & placed it in the muffin pan.  Baked them for about 12-14 mins.  Let them cool, put green frosting grass on the top along with some Peanut M&M's & they were WONDERFUL!!!!  Just the right amount of yumminess!!!

The weather was GORGEOUS today!!!!  And of course Hosser was just like any other little boy.....had to be outside ALL DAY LONG in the sun & having fun.  He went on 2 different walks, played in the front yard, took some goodies to Uncle Ricky & Aunt Vanessa & Brian and of course played ball with Uncle Ricky.  And now he can't decide if laying down or running around like a craized dog would be better.  He's just like a little kid....scared if he lays down he'll miss something!!!!

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