Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dearest People.....

Dearest people with little dogs or dogs that AREN'T on speed 20 hours of the day!!!  Hosser is NOT always as calm as the above picture shows!!!!

We walked the new walkway path below the house we do EVERY night....and the above calm dog was JACKED UP!!!!  And because his mom didn't put the full harness thingy on him he was CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!  And because of all that I was informed by 4 very thoughtful people that I needed to get my dog under control.  As one woman gasped and froze where she was standing like poor Hosser was gonna attack her or something.  And all the poor thing wanted to do was play with the 2 dogs they had, I just can't get him to understand not EVERY dog wants to play with him!!!!! And unfortunately I was not in the mood to be told that.  By the end of the path which isn't very long at all I was in tears!!!! And poor Hosser looked at me like I was a CRAZY JACKED up mom!!!! LOL!!!

So from now on I need to remember to put the full harness thingy on him & all will be much better.

This is how we SHOULD be walking every night!!!!  And what we WILL be wearing tomorrow night!!!!

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