Thursday, April 21, 2011

Funny thing about me

I really think at sometime or the other my parents might have dropped me on my head.  I seriously think I am the only one in my family that is NOT a beach person!!!

Even though the above picture looks's NOT somewhere I want to go.  The whole hot, sweating, sand sticking to you, salty water that might have sharks in it, wind blowing mess just doesn't excite me!!!  Everyone else in my family could probably sit there for HOURS & HOURS!!!!

I on the other hand would MUCH MUCH rather hang out in the above mountains.  Feel the breeze, watch leaves come out on the trees.  See the squirrels run around......did I tell ya we have baby squirrels in one of the trees in the front yard.  I'll try to get you a picture of them.  Hear the creeks & rivers running over the rocks.  Jump in the creek, dig for frogs.  Sit on my front porch & hear the birds singing and watch the grass grow!!!  That to me is TOTALLY relaxing and wonderful!!  And it's probably what I'm gonna do for awhile tomorrow!!!!

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