Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Harris Teeter Deal

Please forgive the awful picture....I took it with my cell phone cuz I forgot to send the picture last night from the digital camera!!!

I gotta tell ya'll about the AWESOME deals I got at Harris Teeter last night!!!

Edge Shaving Cream WAS $2.99 w/my VIC card I got $1 off, the I had 55cent off I bought 5 cans for $5...THAT'S $1 A CAN!!!!! That's a savings of $9.95!!!!

Crystal Light drink mix packets WERE $3.99 a box w/my VIC card I got them BOGO THEN I had 2 coupons that ended up giving me $2 I got 8 boxes for $11.96...$1.50ish a box!!!!  A savings of $19.96!!!!!!

See I ROCKED it out!!!! 

I even got 2 BIG bags of Kibbles & Bits for the Hosser for $ was a savings of $17.89 cuz they were BOGO!!!

IF I figured right I saved close to 107% at Harris Teeter last night!! 

Plus you add in the fact that we used a coupon for dinner at Chili's & saved $10 there.  We had an AWESOME night of saving money!!!!!!  YEAH US!!!!

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