Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wrong Ingredients

So I just got off the phone with my mom....not 100% sure why she called but anyway!!!  She had to make sure & tell me that she messed up on a receipe kinda like I did years ago.

First BEFORE I tell you what happened to me....let me say that SHE PUT CINNAMON IN CHILI by accident one time!!  So I get it honestly!!!

Alright there is a receipe that goes around in our family for ham balls!!!  I don't know if its a northern thing or what.......but when we have family get togethers HAM BALLS ARE A MUST!!!  I probably could see a fight breaking out between all of us kids for the last ham ball.  I have even called my sister and rubbed it in that I had ham balls on the trip home from Michigan & she didn't!!  See how big of a deal they are to us!!!  SOOOOO ANYWAYS.....I made them for the first time by myself awhile back.....and picked up tomatoes with diced chilies in them & the Italian bread crumbs.

Needless to say.....the receipe calls for the PLAIN TOMATOES & THE PLAIN BREAD CRUMBS!!!  But in my defense the receipe turned out WONDERFUL & you couldn't even tell I had messed up!!!  But it is a standing joke in our family that I messed the receipe up!!! when Mom called THANKS to her I have a new standing joke!!  Just FYI to all you cooks out there......there is a difference between maple syrup

and apple cider vinegar!!!!!

I'm not sure how her macaroni salad turned out!!  Hopefully wonderful..........with alittle bit of maple syrup taste to it!!!!!!!!

So of course the phone call got me to thinking of what ingredients I'm putting into my life that are wrong & how I want to use the correct ingredients.  And how I've made so many changes over the past few weeks (all for the better might I add) that it feels wonderful to be using the right ingredients in my life FINALLY!!!!!  Things are WONDERFUL!!!!!  And I'm very blessed everyday in my life!!!!!!

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