Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Birthday

So yes my birthday was April 1st.....APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!  No seriously I'm not kidding!!! Kinda explains EVERYTHING ABOUT ME DOESN'T IT!!!!
So my wonderful hubby who knows me ohhhhh so well decided to get my FAVS for my birthday........


*****Please note I got 2 boxes of's the 3rd of April & only 1 box is left!!!!!!*****

AND cheesecake from Bruce's Fabulous Foods.  Which is like heaven on earth!!!  He has ohhhh something like 140 some different FLAVORS OF CHEESECAKE!!!  How can a girl not be in LOVE with this place!!!!

The one on the left is APPLE PIE and on the right is COOKIE BAR

And this one is TURTLE!!!!!
And in the fridge is Oreo, plain & double chocolate!!!!!  I mean good gracious this is probably the best most fattening birthday I've had in a LONG LONG time......but oh do the angels singing when I take a bite of those cheesecakes......and then top it off with an Andes candy!!!!


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