Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Mommy Name

So minus kids in this house.  Just me & the hubby!!!  But I have a Mommy's hey Hun.  Hey Hun....can you hand me that, Hey Hun where are my navy blue shorts, Hey Hun can you help me with whatever, Hey Hun did you know that blah blah blah, Hey Hun did you see that commercial about the new KFC sandwhich, Hey Hun what does Hoss want, Hey Hun why is Hoss barking......get my drift!!!! 

I'm not sure where or how I lost my name.......or even the rest of the word Honey for that matter!!!!!  Might it have been @ the booty crack of dawn when I'm up feeding Hoss & the hubby, washing dishes, folding laundry or picking up doggie toys.   Or might it have been as I was sitting outside on the porch last weekend in the sun restin for ohhhhhhhh5 minutes and I had to get up cuz I heard Hey Hun want to go to Biltmore House? 

WHO KNOWS....but I would seriously appreciate whoever sees the rest of my name to send it back my way!!!!!!  Listen here it comes again.................................

Hey Hun...can you help me shave the back of my head (cuz he gashed the poop out of it the other day....but shhhhh don't tell him I told you that!!!!)

Did ya hear it????   I love him....and he is to cute when he says it so I GUESS I'll stop blogging  & go help him!!!  Cuz that's just the kinda wife I am!!!!!!

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