Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm thinkin....

As I sit here....watching "The Paynes"...have you ever seen this show???  OMG it is so funny!!!!!! 
I swear Poppa Payne is just like my brother in law!!!!....anyways that isn't what I was thinking about....I was thinkin about my list tomorrow.   

*I need to go on & order some stuff.  And I really should order the stuff in bulk next time & not just one!!!
*I'd really like a new purse.....but do I need one NO!!!  So I'm trying to put that one out of my head!!!!

*What are we going to have for dinner tomorrow?  And why does it matter what we are going to have....hubby's allergies are all crazy....he can't taste anything & hasn't really eaten anything for a few days now.  And I'm thinking icecream, peanuts & choc syrup are gonna be a good dinner LOL

*I need to get the oil changed in the car

*I need to work on (as one of my friends say) slaying the laundry dragon!!!!  How do 2 people & 1 dog dirty up so many things.

*I started writing some stuff this afternoon......I need to finish that one poem.

*But most importantly I need to make my time out......I've been reading & studying in Proverbs this week.  I've got a whole index card FULL of stuff I want to share with everyone that I've learned & thought was important this week!!!  I'll share them on Saturday!!!!

I guess I probably shouldn't be sitting here in blog land doing nothing....but up getting some slaying done.  This is way more fun though & since Hoss is laided out on my arm I can't actually disturb my sleeping angel now can I???

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