Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seriously this is probably one of my easiest casseroles I've made.....and what's so fun is I made it Saturday from LEFTOVERS.....put it in the freezer & we'll probably have it Thursday night!!!!!

4  Boiled Chicken Breasts (I added salt & garlic to the water while they boiled)

Chop the chicken into bite size pieces.....add 2 jars of speghetti sauce, some onion & carrots & celery.  Sit to the side.

Boil whatever noodles you have on hand....again I put salt & garlic in the water.  Drain

Mix the noodles & chicken mixture in a casserole dish top with mozzerella cheese and freeze.

I'll pull it out of the freezer when I go to work on Thursday and put it in the fridge.....then cook it when I get home for about 20-25 mins or until bubbly @ about 350.

Add some salad & garlic bread and we have dinner in less than 30 mins!!!!!  HAPPY HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!!

And while we are eating.....Hoss will be at the edge of the creek....bothering everyone that walks up and down the road!!!!!  It's ok though.....once he gets done....he'll run up & down the creek & get all muddy!!!  He is ALL BOY!!!

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