Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clean Out Challenge

Let's have a group challenge!!!!!  It's Spring Time right.....and isn't Spring Cleaning supposed to be one of the great things we do EVERY YEAR around this time!!!!!

So here is my challenge......I'm filling up the trunk of my car every week and going to take it to the local Christian Ministry.  And all I do is find things thru out the night....leave it @ the back door & when I leave for work the next morning....I just put it in the trunk of the car.  Easy uh????

Cleaning out my house has one of the best things I've's nice for 2 reasons
A:Less Clutter
B:Less things I have to dust around (which IS WONDERFUL!!!!)
Well those are probably close to the same thing.....but you get my lets do some cleaning out together & post the pictures on here of everything you are getting rid of.

This is what I took a few weeks ago.

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