Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm sore.....

Hosser & I had a busy busy day yesterday!!!! 

One of my favorite nephews (they are all my favorite!!!! LOL) had LOTS of wood delivered to the house for us!!!  The DH & Hosser cut the logs & busted the 2 stacks up front thru out the guess what that meant me & Hosser got to do!!!???

We moved one HUGE stack of old wood and then stacked all the new wood in that spot.  My lower back and arms are really really really sore!!!  I'm very thankful to my favorite nephew for bringing the load of wood to us!!!  And very thankful to the Lord for providing us the wood!!! We'll be LOVING the wood come winter time when it's 20degrees outside and me & Hosser aren't moving from under the covers or off the couch and chair cuz it's to cold outside!!!

Here is what the stacks look like now.........

               Did anyone call for a semi-clean back yard?????

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