Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rough night

Yep it was a rough night here in Hoss's World the other night!!!!  I came out of the bedroom from folding clothes & Hoss had knocked the pillow off of the couch & was laying on the floor with it!!!!  He has such a rough rough life!!! LOL!!!!

Today he got an ice cream cone from McDonalds cuz Daddy was sweet to us on our walk.  We meet him in the middle of town & he had stopped & gotten us an ice cream cone.  I got to eat alittle of the ice cream & Mr. Hog up there ate the rest of it AND the ice cream cone!!!!!  PLUS he got to go by his uncles house tonight & play ball.  He played with the kids that were there....and even though one of them is scared of him, he did have fun.  He likes it when his uncle chases him & tries to get the ball back from him. 

He is soooo spoiled!!!!  Not just by mommy & daddy but his uncles & aunts & cousins spoil him too!!!!! LOL!!!

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