Sunday, December 19, 2010

Soda Stream

Well I did it the other day......I broke down and bought a Soda Stream!!!  You see this house can't make it without our soda.  And we needed to find SOMETHING that a...was cheaper than regular soda & b.....was alittle better for us.  And Soda Stream is it!!!

What's a Soda Stream you ask?  This little bad boy turns regular tab water into sparkling water in no time at all!!!!  You fill the bottle with water, attach it to the soda maker, which has a CO2 cylinder attatched to it,  press the little button 2-3 times & BAM you've got sparkling water.  THEN choose what soda flavor you want......and you've got soda.  DH said the Diet Rootbeer tastes just like Regular Rootbeer.  And I had the Energy drink Saturday......LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!  This one is the Fountain Mist (cuz I forgot to take a picture of the Energy one...Sorry!!!)

We got the Genesis Starter Pak....which included the maker, a CO2 cylinder, 2 empty bottles, a sample pak of different soda flavorings AND a sample of 3 of the different My Water flavorings.  We used one of the coupons to Bed Bath & Beyond that one of my TERRIFIC friends gave me and we spent less that $85 on it.  =) =) AND if you figure that a 2 litter of soda cost around $1.50 and we drink probably anywhere from 10-12 a week between the 2 of us.........that's atleast $15 a week we are saving.  PLUS there won't be as much in our plastic recyle bag now....cuz the drink mix bottles are mega small!!!!! One of them makes the equivalent of 12 litters of soda!!!  Our pocketbook & the landfills are gonna be happy!!!!

Plus look at the label for the Diet Soda..............and let me let you in on a little's made with Splenda instead of that Aspartame junk!!!! 

And I just found online a page full of drink recipes which I'm VERY VERY excited about!!!!

You gotta try this out!!!  It's WONDERFUL!!!  And we are super happy we have one!!!!  If you want to come over, I'll make ya a Fruit Fizz or a Rootbeer Float & you'll be in LOVE to!!!!!!

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