Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ohhhhhh how sad!!!!

So I'm talking to one of my GREAT customers/friends a few mins ago and she says.....Hey did they tell you what I put on your work's FB page about you!!!????  I told her no and felt like a total heel!!!!  So I go to the FB page and see this posted on 10/29

         "Dear *******...I just want you to know that Alicia has been my insurance go to person at your office for years and she rocks....She's amazing. I think she deserves a huge raise and a big Christmas bonus because she takes great care of her cutomers!:)

October 29 at 8:37pm · View Feedback (1)Hide Feedback (1)"
And I was NEVER told.  How sad is that!!!???  And how bad do I feel that I had to be told by my customer that she did something sweet for me ALMOST 2 MONTHS AGO!!!????
So I'm suggesting to all you bosses out there.........please make sure to tell your employees about any praise items they get.  It will do WONDERS for their attitude & make them feel wonderful.  PLUS it will stop them from wondering things like.....ummmmmmm is the grass greenier on the other side???  THANK YOU!!!!!

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