Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Menu List

Here is our menu list in our family planner.  I've got  BUNCHES of copies and when I finish one week, I'll put it in the very back.  That way I can see what we've had over the past few weeks cuz my strawberry blonde mind can't remember what I ate 2 days ago much less last week.  Also in this section is one of the clear pocket holder thingys that I put any recipes that I find that I think we would like to try.

Oh and by looking at this picture I think I might need some gas.  I was sitting in the car wash & figured why not snap a picture or two of the planner for you guys while I'm watching the foam rinse off of the car.  I didn't realize you guys were gonna see that my gas hand was getting close to E too!!!!  LOL!!!!!

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