Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alittle Nervous

So Friday is our big day.....if you don't remember what Friday is it's the liver biopsy day.  And I'm just want to go on record of saying that I'm alittle nervous.  The unknown of what could happen or what they are going to say kinda scares me.  I trust in the Lord that all will be good.....but I'm still alittle scared.  And just to let you know that I'm getting alittle nervous........this is what I've eaten in the last 2 1/2 hours.

It's my lunch, plus dessert PLUS snack!!!!!  And we are going tonight to eat dinner with our ladies group from churh.  We are having dinner catered.....and I'm SURE it will be WONDERFUL as usual!!!  Cuz I'm just here to say.......Mrs. Johnnie doesn't ever let us down!! And I'm sure I'll have to sample EVERYTHING........cuz as the old saying goes I could eat a COW right now!!!!

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  1. Alecia I am praying FOR you and Scotty and WITH you and Scotty!!! God is AWESOME and He is in charge. I know you know this, but I appreciate your honesty and telling us that you are nervous. We are here to help you bare this burden of fear and anxiety. I love you my friend and sister.