Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cheesecake Yumminess

So I'm just here to tell you that my DH is the bestest!!!  AND I'll keep him around.....why you ask?????  Cuz he knows people that make this WONDERFUL, MAGNIFICIENT, wipe the drool of your chin cheesecake!!!!!  Can you see where I was munching on it????  The fork indentions are there to prove it!!!!!!

Now while I was eating the yummy goodness, Hoss was doing this.............

Which would be staring at me wishing he could eat some of it!!!  And DH was doing this.....

cuz he works very hard !!!!  So we'll just let him snooze while I go eat another piece of cheesecake!!!!  And I just might finish it off with ohhhhhhh another piece before lunch!!!!

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