Monday, November 29, 2010


I've been thinking for a few days now that I need to write about the YUCKY medical crap (sorry mom) that we have going on here in Hoss's World........just don't know if I want to put it all out there.  It's easy to tell people, easy to send to people in an email but.....writing it on a blog is a whole nother story!!!!!

So I'm gonna give kinda a small overview........DH has been diagnosed with Diabetes which sucks (sorry again mom) but it's tolerable & doable.  We have another problem that we are going next Friday to get a better idea about.  Have to have a biopsy done......this is the one I'm NOT looking forward to & am alittle freaked out about.

See I'm not to sure I'm ready for the news that COULD come with this test.  BUT I know that I have given this problem over to my wonderful LORD & I know that He has a purpose for EVERYTHING that happens to us.  I pray that He will place his blessing on us that we can figure this problem out & if it's His will place his healing hand on DH.  And also give me the strength that I will need to face yet another medical issue.

And on a funnier side is what happens when you give one sweet little girl your camera & she just HAS TO take a picture of DH being a goof ball!!!!!  LOL!!!!

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