Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ingles Sale

Part of my whole feed me & DH challenge for $50 a week is also making sure that we eat more fruits & veggies, less starchy foods, and minimum meats.

So went to Ingles Grocery Store today.......Pears $1.28 a lb, 3 lb bag of Tangerines $2.98,  Goldfish for $1.00 (which is a FREE food on his menu plans....15 fish that is!!!) were all on the list.  Along with a London Broil that was $2.48 a pound....which I am going to cook in the rotisserie tomorrow night......and have it for Thursday night dinner & Saturday sandwhiches.  That's the key....get big enough cuts of meat to use them for 2 meals.  I also got some StoneCut Oats for breakfasts.......the dietician said they were better for us than the regular just nuke them in the microwave packets I have been getting. BUT there is one down fall......said StoneCut Oats take like 20-30 minutes to cook!!!!! LOL!!!!!  Might have to do those the night before!!!!!!

Tonight we are having steaks on the grill that I got for like 1/2 off cuz I looked for the reduced sticker.  I'm cooking them tonight so I'm fine with paying less for a little older piece of meat.

Hoss doesn't really care what I make for dinner or get from the store, just as long as no body takes his pillows he's happy!!!

Tomorrow nights dinner in the rotisserie is gonna be the first time I have ever used it.   Not to sure about times etc......I'll have to report on that one & let you know how it turns out.  I'm gonna soak it in a marinade of Dales Seasoning, Garlic, and a few other seasonings.  I found a recipe online for a marinade that had Dr. Pepper in it.....HELLO that would be HEAVENLY......but to much sugar in it for DH.  So I have to leave it out.  Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

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