Thursday, November 18, 2010

Greeneyed Monster

I have sat here & stared at this blank post for probably 15 mins.....I know what I want to write just don't know how to start.  Soooo the best way I know how to start is..........................just to start typing!!!!

I've talked with probably 3 different people about the prolems they are having in their lives.  The unfortunate thing is that we all have problems....some much much bigger (in real life) than others.  We all have been in the valley during sometime in our lives....and we will continue to have times where we coast along in the valley........but we have to remember that those valleys make us stronger.

Lately I have been dealing with way to much!!!  And then on top of EVERYTHING that green eyed monster popped up this week!!!  You know that one that you THOUGHT you had put to rest and low & behold here it comes again.  I get so tired of him coming to bother me.  And it ALWAYS seems that he comes around when I am way down, don't know how I'm going to handle things, wish I could just run away from everything.  He pops up when I have dealt with doctors out the butt, appointments for my DH, trying to comprehend the fact that DH has to go in to the hospital in 3 weeks and have a liver biopsy to see how bad his liver is damaged, its the holidays & the good Lord knows that my family (outside of DH) DOES NOT get along well enough to sit down at a table together without probably throwing a knife at one another, dealing with DH's diabetes, along with the everyday work struggle of.....will I have a job in a few months, have bills to pay, dinner to cook, laundry to do, dog to walk, weight to loose, house to clean, Scentsy to sell, a GREAT team of women that depend on me to help them with their Scentsy business, medicines to pick up, turkey to cook & so on.........I really HATE that green eyed monster!!!!!!

So my thought for the day is that I'm going to find ways to kick the monster out of my life.  I just don't have time for him or any room for him!!!!! I'm punching his exit card from my life!!!!

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  1. I have been dealing with way to much!!! And then on top of EVERYTHING that green eyed monster popped up this week!!!

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