Monday, November 1, 2010

New Challenge

Alrighty so first have you invested in the very cool, gotta a WHOLE LOT OF COUPONS in it, has VERY INTERESTING stories, it's my FAV can't wait til it comes every month magazine All You !!!!!!!!  Seriously I have gotten a couple of the magazines and I LOVE IT!!!  So I got the November issue today & I have found my new challenge.  Can I feed my family for $50 a week???  That's food, veggies, drinks everything....$50 a week!!!!!  So we are gonna try it!!!!  I get paid every other the plan is take $100 cash out of the check....put it in an envelope & take $50 out on Saturday & grocery shop!!!  That means I can't go back to the grocery store til the next Saturday!!!  DH says oh yeah you can do it!!!!  He doesn't realize it's ALMOST $100 EVERY WEEK that I spend in groceries.

The flip side of this challenge is that I gotta buy veggies etc....good for ya stuff.  But since the doctor has now said that DH is a diabetic......PLUS there are other problems that we are going next week to the doctor to get checked out......this is a challenge that I HAVE TO accomplish!!!!!!  So here is to $25 each in groceries for the week!!!!!!!

And the extra $ going to first pay down doctor bills from previous happenings....and then I'm not to sure what will get paid off!!!!  Tomorrow I'll start us a running total of what the doctor bill balances are......and we'll keep track of them too!!!!!  Oh GREAT BALLS OF FIRE.....this is gonna be fun!!!  Who's up to the challenge with me???????

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