Monday, November 15, 2010


This is my WONDERFULMOUS hubby!!!!!  He doesn't always have that evil look on his face....he just happened to have been telling me that I was gonna get throwed out of the grocery store cuz I brought my camera in, when I snapped this picture LOL!!!!!!

I love him lots!!!!  For LOTS & LOTS of reasons!!!  I truly think that God put us together so we could equal each other out.  He is the calm, cool, collected one of the 2 of us.  Me....I go 1000 MPM (miles per minute).   He has BEAUTIFUL blue know those dreamy, sexy bedroom blue eyes.  Sorry that might have been TMI...but it's the truth.  He loves me but most importantly he loves God.  And he lives his life everyday to lift God up and that to me makes him even more special!!!! 

Ok enough drooling over my hubby!!!!!!

We made cookies this weekend.....Peanut Butter Oatmeal....for the Hosser.  He hasn't yet decided if he likes them or not.........I'll share the receipe once he figures it out.  LOL!!!!

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