Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Brain is in motion....

So I got LOTS on my brain tonight......

*I'm setting up an Etsy account to sell some of my goodies I make.  Will I do ok???  Should I do it????  Will anyone want to buy anything???

*I need to go in & get the stuff set for a Scentsy party that one of my girls is having on Thursday night.

*I need to finish the do 2 people & a dog dirty so many dishes!!!????

* And laundry......I pinky swear to you that yesterday am the laundry basket was empty!!!  Why now is it full?

*Hoss has doggie daycare we have church tomorrow night!!!!

*Neighbors have said there is a 500 pound bear around here.....seriously do you think really?????  And what am I gonna do when I run into it while I'm out walking Hoss!!!

*I forgot 2 things @ the store today!!!!  I need someone to go shopping for me!!!!!!

*We are doing a bible study @ church....Esther =) I need to go do my homework for tonight!!!  It's a Beth Moore study!!!  I Love her!!!  She is awesome!!!!!  Last week she was talking about how in Esther's time that girlfriends weren't the size of a pencil....there was meat on their bones!!!!!  SWEET!!!!  That's what I'm talking about!!!!!!

*It's Fall....I LOVE this time of the allergies on other hand HATE this time of year!!!!  UGH!!!!!!

And all the while I sit here thinking about all this.......Hoss is

sacked out cuz his day was soooooooo difficult today!!  Plus he got to go see his Uncles tonight & he thinks they rock!!!!!!!!!

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