Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shopping Organizer

Picture with me if you will......I'm walking thru the grocery store.......the buggy has my purse in it, with one hand on it (cuz you know someone really wants to steal my purse with all my crud in it!!!!!), the other hand is pushing the buggy AND HOLDING COUPONS & THE GROCERY LIST!!!  Oh AND a pen cuz I gotta mark my list off!!! And you see me dropping all my coupons....can you picture it!!!!!!!!!  And don't forget the look of HOLY BAJIBBERS GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

Now picture with pushing my buggy with my Organized Shopper in the seat!!!

This baby is my BEST FRIEND!!!!  It holds all my coupons in little compartments PLUS has a notepad that has my list on it!!!!!!  All attatched to the back of the little seat thingy in the buggy!!!!!!   I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!  You gotta try it!!!!!!

****A little side note I looked on line & she is sold out right now.....but keep checking back....they are so worth the wait!!!!!*******

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